Code of Conduct

GOHR, s.r.o. fully respects all laws and generally recognized rules of economic competition and recognizes its social and moral responsibility for all its business activities.

GOHR, s.r.o. recognizes that ethics are an inherent component of high product quality. As an expression of the ethical development, the company decided to adopt a Code of Conduct, which is binding for all its employees and all persons representing GOHR, s.r.o. independent of their type of employment or partnership relationship.

Our intention is to make every effort to ensure we provide customers with high-quality products that increase their satisfaction and loyalty to our company as a stable partner.

GOHR, s.r.o. joins those other companies who have decided to actively contribute to the cultivation of the social and business environment in Slovakia by adopting a Code of Conduct.

The GOHR, s.r.o. Code of Conduct is a company-wide commitment shared by all employees to respect the principles of honesty, decency and social responsibility towards business partners, competitors, customers and among each other.

Failure to comply and violations of any part of the Code of Conduct are unacceptable for any participating partner.

Company employees are obliged to report any violation or potential breach of the Code of Conduct that they discover.

Suggestions concerning ethical issues may be filed in writing, made verbally into the official record or sent via email to the following email address:

GOHR, s.r.o. Code of Ethics entered into force on 1 October 2015.

Code of Conduct