For Schools

One of the long-term priorities of the company GOHR s.r.o. is supporting the co-operation with secondary grammar schools, as it can bring benefits for both sides. If the schools want to offer high-quality education and keep up with modern trends of the production, they will need a successful partner, who can offer them the support by getting equipment for workshops, schoolrooms, place for practicing in real conditions, but also offer valuable working positions for the successful graduates of the specific schools.

The company GOHR s.r.o. is actively participating in the project of dual education and has opened various positions for three secondary schools in the Prešov region. 
The students will receive several advantages such as scholarship or paid wage in the second and third year of their studies.
Among all of that, they will get experienced in the field of their studies ale will be able to get employed in the company as well.
In case you would need more information regarding the dual education, please contact us at +421 915 573 280 or via mail
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The company also attended the Open door days in the schools, where the vision and possibilities of co-operation had been presented.