The reduction of the operational energy demand of buildings in the year 2019

Company GOHR s.r.o. received approval for non-repayable financial contribution for the project called „Measures to reduce the energy requirements of buildings in GOHR sro” under the Operational Program Environment Quality, Priority Axis 4 – Energy-efficient low-carbon economy in all sectors, Specific objective 4.2.1 – Reduction energy intensity and increasing the use of RES in companies. The contract for granting non-repayable financial contribution no. KŽP-PO4-SC421-2017-30 / N979 was signed on 09.07.2019, published on the central register of contracts on 12.07.2019 and is effective from the day after the publication date from 13.07.2019.

The main objective of the project is to reduce the energy requirements of an industrial building in the operation of the applicant’s production building through a combination of selected investment measures resulting from the energy audit. The subject of the project is the implementation of three measures concerning the cladding of the building, the cladding of the roof and the replacement of windows and doors. To improve energy savings, the lighting system will be reconstructed and upgraded by replacing luminaires and energy-saving lamps to reduce the overall primary energy in an industrial building. The implementation of the project will significantly improve the thermal and technical properties of the building. Due to the project implementation, the production building will achieve a reduction in electricity consumption for the lighting of 78.8% in real terms, and it is possible to save up to 66.5% on heating. At the same time, the measures implemented will reduce the energy costs for the operation of the building in question by more than EUR 11 000 per year. The project will also contribute to environmental protection by reducing CO2 emissions of 46.85t CO2 / year.

Start of implementation of the main project activities: 12/2017

The planned completion date of the project: 03/2021

The total eligible expenditure for the implementation of the project activities amounts to EUR 169 411.76.

The project received a non-repayable financial contribution of EUR 144,000.00.

This project is being implemented with the support of the European Union

Co-financed by the Fund: European Regional Development Fund

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